Candle Scents List

Candle Scents List
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Here we are going to talk about the Candle Scents List and what makes a good list for candle scents whether its for understanding all the different scents, or what kind of scents are available. With candles, there are an enormous amount of scents available. Some of the scents are based on moods, some are for healing and others may be for ambiance or an environmental setting. Whatever the case may be, we wanted to put together a good list that will make great SCENTS! 🙂

Different Candle Scents for specific moods

Twitter Relax IconCandle scents to help you relax: Lavender, Vanilla, Jasmine, Valerian

love-iconCandle scents to help with romance: Rose, Pomegranate, Orange Blossom, Lavender, Ylang Ylang,

too-sad-iconCandle scents to help with depression: Chamomile, Lavender, geranium, sandalwood

Different Candle Scents for healing effects

Emoticon-Sick-Puke-Disgust-iconScents that can help with cold and sinus congestion: Eucalyptus, Lavender, Peppermint

virus-iconCandle scents to make stomach cramps easier to manage: Rosemary, Ginger, Lavender, Frankincense

pmsCandles with fragrance that help with PMS: Lavender, Sage, Frankincense, Lemongrass, Bergomot, Rose

beat-brick-iconSomething for those inevitable migraine headaches: Lavender, Peppermint, Sandalwood, Chamomile

Nero-Startsmart-iconThose pesky hot flashes? Irritable? Scents to help with Menopause symptoms: Lavender, Sage, Vanilla, Rose, Orange Blossom

Different Candle Scents for enhancing your environment

pineappleStretching outside a vacation hut in a Tropical village: Mango Tangerine, Coconut, Vanilla, Banana, Pineapple

ele-Forest-iconWalking through a rain forest after a soft morning mist: Orchard, Amber, Rosewood, Pine, Orange, Jasmine, Berries

beach-chair-iconSitting on a beach, drinking a cold glass of tea: Beachwood, Seaweed, Jasmine, Carnation

book-iconReading a book at sunrise in a summer meadow cottage: Orange, Sandalwood, Dandelion, Potpourri, Lily, Vanilla

Pie-iconEating a warm piece of pie and relaxing on porch swing: Pumpkin, Apple, Cherry, Vanilla, Thyme, Tarragon

christmas-tree-iconSipping eggnog on Christmas morning: Pumpkin, Pine, Mistletoe, Cedar, Peppermint, Cranberry, Vanilla, Cinnamon

Of course there are many, many other scents out there and each with many specific purposes and as always, if you would like to recommend something please feel free to contact me through email, the contact us page or in the comments below. I love feedback and would be very happy to hear from you!


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  1. I have to say that I really enjoyed reading through your candle article that you have here. The layout is easy to get through and I could almost smell the different scents as I was going through the different emotions and health issues.
    It really amazes me how different scents can soothe away and diminish problems. I have to say that I enjoyed the environment descriptions the best.
    I will come back and visit again.

    1. Hello Angela!
      Thank you very much for your input and your great comment!
      This article was incredibly enjoyable to write. Using different candles for different scents is one of the biggest benefits of them!

      Thank you!

  2. Candle scents really help to lighten the mood and make you feel fresh even when you have had a long and stressful day at work. I think these scents help in deciding my mood and that is the reason I’m so addicted to using them. This is a nice mock up that you have done here, I think I would use this to make my next purchase. Thanks a lot.

  3. I love scented candles, especially vanilla scent. I didn’t realise that lavender was a go-to to alleviate most aliments. I’m not a huge fan of lavender, but maybe I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt.
    I am going to try to find some more of those vacation scents, though. I travel yearly, and I would love to make my house smell like the tropics and stay on that vacation high.
    Great article!

    1. Hello Nicki!
      Thank you for your feedback! It really means a lot to me! There was quite a bit of learning while doing some of the research for this post, especially the lavender facts!
      Thank you!

  4. I just finished your post on candle scents. I knew that there were scent for relaxation and such, but some of the others blew me away. It is nice to know someone can get a candle to help with certain things with out going to meds right away. Thank you for the information.

    1. Thank you for the comment! Relaxing is definitely one of the number one uses for scented candles. Typically I have at least 3 candles going every day, lol.

  5. I cannot explain how I feel after reading your post. It is great. It revealed to me what I didn’t know about candle especially as regards to the different types of candle scents. It is really interesting reading your post.

    1. Hello Bibian!
      Thank you for the input! I appreciate your feedback! I actually learned quite a bit myself when I did research for this topic, it was very interesting!

  6. I love how you broke up these scents. It’s exciting to read them this way. Do you sell all these different scents? I was expecting the names of the scents to be links to that specific candle but they aren’t links. I’m interested in trying a banana candle.. and orange blossom!

    1. Hello Gabriela,
      Thank you so much for your comment! Right now I have not linked exact candles to each of the scents listed… yet! It is definitely something I am looking at doing in the very near future though! Thank you very much!

  7. What a magnificent list you have, this is simply great! I didn’t know there are actually so many uses for candle scents, and I specially like the ones with healing effects! One question I like to ask is, how are candle scents compared to diffusers? Would candle scents be less natural? Also I would like to see more fruit scents as my son loves fruits.


    1. Hello Moon!
      Thank you for your comment! As far as scented candles compared to diffusers, I would have to say that scented candles are more of an effect and environment stimulus than the diffuser. Its emotionally more pleasing to enjoy a burning candle that also gives off the benefit of an essential oil over just having a diffuser misting the air with the fragrance. I love my candles more, lol. I will admit though that I do use my diffuser at night while sleeping! Stay in touch and you will eventually see more scents and candles to the list, including some fruits!

      Thank you!

  8. Hello and thanks for sharing, it seems like there is candles for every event that we have in our lives. Your website is very unique, i did not know that you had candle for all of this but the good thing is that this is all so great. It is so amazing how the scent of candle can change the atmosphere and put us in a different mindset. I know that your readers will also be amazed and like what you are offering. Thanks again for sharing this amazing post.

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