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How To Use Scented Wax Cubes!

How To Use Scented Wax Cubes!
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What the heck are they? What are they good for? Why are people going crazy for these cute little things? These are a few of things we will be taking a look at and discussing in order to get a better understanding of scented wax cubes. They have been around for a little while now and they are one of the most used candle products available today so we wanted to take a look at them and put together a little chat!

Where did scented wax cubes come from?

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In the old days, from what I read, the cubes came from the old candle makers that were looking for something to use all their old or scrap wax for. Because the wax was already in small shapes, it was an easy thing to figure out that they can be melted by themselves. They have been referred to as tarts due to the shapes they were in. Over time, they have been called things like wax melts, scented wafer, candle tart and candle chips. Officially I couldn’t find any one person that actually patented the first wax cube even after spending quite a bit of time looking through the patents.

Why are scented wax cubes better than scented candles?

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One of the biggest and most popular reasons people like to use the wax cubes is because of money. They are quite a bit cheaper then the scented candles. Now granted, you can get 110-150 hours of burn time from a large 18oz or larger candle for anywhere between $10-$30, while a single tart fragrance can last anywhere from a few hours to over 10 hours. Considering you can usually get 6 cubes in a single pack for around $5-$15 depending on the brand. This would give you 60 hours of scent time at its best which would actually fall in line with a large candle burn time. Of course you can throw more than one cube in a warmer to get a stronger scent in room and a little longer burn time.

Another reason people love to use the little wafer goodies is the fact that they don’t have to use an open flame to melt them if they use an electric candle warmer. There are a lot of reasons for using a flame less candle warmer, safety being the top choice.

One of the reasons I personally love to use scented wax cubes is because I love them! I have tons of them and I love having so many different scents. If each cube represented a different scented candle, they would be valued at over a thousand dollars worth. So its definitely a cheap way to try out different scents to see which smells you enjoy the most!

How To Use Scented Wax Cubes?


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The cubes do not contain a wick and I have actually seen confusion online from people that were a little bit confused on how to use them. Poor things! The number one way to actually use a scented wax cube is by placing one of the squares inside the cup or bowl portion of a candle warmer. This can either be an electric warmer or a teacup style warmer. After a while when the warmer has been on for a bit you will notice the cube starting to melt. As it melts, any fragrances or oils that are inside the cube will get released. Each type of warmer will definitely lead to a different effect, some believe, as I do, the teacup candle warmers seem to lend a bit more to the overall effect of the candle. Other people might ask, if your going to use a teacup candle to melt a wax cube, why not just buy an actual scented candle? Of course that answer can be found in the above section, but for me, sometimes its nicer to have a bunch of different scented cubes that are easier to drop in a warmer!

If you have a very cool use that isn’t mentioned please, please leave a reply in the comments section and let me know so I can post it here! 🙂

What are scented wax cubes made out of?

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Scented wax cubes actually contain some of the exact same ingredients as a regular scented candle. The main difference is that they are in the form of small cubes and they don’t contain a wick for burning. Some cubes can contain soy wax or paraffin wax, the most common used waxes. You can find some wax cubes that are made with other types of wax like beeswax, but they are a little harder to find. A lot of the makers of scented wax cubes will not say what is inside the cube, stating that its a secret! The actual fragrances used in the cubes can come from essential oils along with the many different scents they come in. Each different scent can be attributed to different sensations, healing or emotional effects. I try to stick to the scented cubes that use essential oils as much as possible, its hard to say what is in the chemicals used for other types of perfumes and fragrances.

Overall scented wax cubes can be made from any kind of wax that your typical candles are made from. Trying to find the ingredients of all the different brands of wax cubes is quite the adventure. Most brands wont print the ingredients to their cubes or even their candles for that matter, tricky little sneakers! Hehehehe.


If there is some information you would love to share about scented wax cubes, please leave a comment below! Also, if you would like to receive emailed updates from us, you can click on the subscribe button on the right hand sidebar!



  1. Are scented wax cubes safe to use with babies around?

    I recently came across a warning that scented candles may cause soot to accumulate in the noses of young kids if used for long durations. Will wax cubes be safer than scented candles since they don’t burn wicks?

    I love flower scents. If I could somehow warm wax cubes in hot water, that would be perfect.

  2. Hello Regina!
    Thank you for the visit! Personally I wouldn’t place any candles or candle products near a baby, but as for the soot building up in their nose? I don’t think it would be an issue if the candle product is placed far enough away. I would agree that scented wax cubes are safer overall than open flame burning candles, just due to the open flame alone.

    Thank you very much for visiting and I hope to see you again!

  3. I never heard of wax cubes before. I agree that it’s cheaper than buying regular candles. I’m always very cautious when it comes to candles because of fire safety. It’s interesting that there are no wicks, but 60 hours is a fairly long time for them to burn. They would be good as for parties too, but caution would have to be used if it involves kids. Where would these be purchased?

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