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We are a small team of family, obsessed with candles, lotions, aroma therapy oils and everything about them. We decided to start our own website and share all the information available and to help others with them. There are so many uses for candles that we thought it would be a great idea for a website community to get together and share each others experiences. We absolutely love candles! We have candles on our bookshelves, on every table, crammed on every counter and tucked away in every closet!

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Candles have a very unique ability to empower you, lighten your mood, relax a person or just look absolutely beautiful, we will share our uses and would love to hear about yours!

We will constantly be posting new information and updates to the site. If you have something you would love to share, you can either post in the comments sections, contact us directly through the contact us page, or leave us a note on any of our social pages!



Thank you for visiting with us and we would love to see you again!

The Believe You Candle Team