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Believe You Candle


We love candles! We love talking about them, buying them, selling them and discovering every single different aspect about candles. There is so much information available about candles most people wouldn’t even guess ever existed. Here at Believe You Candle, we discuss the different kinds of candles, different materials used in making them, the different styles, along with the many uses for candles. Join us, talk with us and explore the beautiful world of Candles.


Here at Believe You Candle you will be able to check out and share in the following…

  • Different kinds of candles – This is where we will be discussing all the different kinds of candles, from handcrafted, carved, drop ins to classics. There are so many different kinds of candles, it is an exciting area to explore and learn what is out there!
  • The history of the candle – We will be discussing where candles came from, how different cultures utilized the candle and how different societies made their candles.
  • Different uses for candles – Here we will go over all the different uses of candles, from healing and inspirational to religious and decorations.
  • Candle colors – There are so many different colors of candles and each one can have a specific meaning or use, here we discuss all the different colors and what they mean for people.
  • Candle scents – Candle scents are one of the most popular aspects of most candles. People use so many different candles with so many different scents that we get excited to cover these and have good discussions about!
  • Making candles – This is were you can come to learn about making candles and all the different techniques used to create candles. We will post about videos and methods used in making candles.
  • Where you can get some beautiful candles – Here we will list and link information used to get some of the candle products we discuss.
  • Candle and Candle Product Reviews – This is where we will post our reviews along with user reviews on certain candle products and candle accessories!



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